An Ordinary Moment

An Ordinary Moment

I guess this year I would have the sweetest October ever, but I got a bit wrong to say that. First, I had been waiting for my graduation for 5 years, and finally it comes my way!!! It's such a big thing in my life, since I passed through many stumbles and trials. Mmmm but sure, I can tell that I'm not the only person who had them before.... =) Everybody definitely has met difficult time in their life, right?! do I, that I decide to enjoy all my experiences, the bad or the good one. Yea, that's what life meant to be...

Ok, let me begin it...I just wanna say that my graduation ceremony few days ago was not that good as I supposed such as in da prior days...I had no camera left on my hand...freak...I even couldn't take any nice pictures was it goin on? You know, I also got problem with my high heels! My feet were such so unkind with my shoes! Ok, it's fine to wear high heels but I hate it as it gone wrong in the nice moment I expected....the next thing I want to talkg about is my heavy's a big No-no, but it's a must traditionally...! These make-ups seemed to put me up more pounds :P...on the other hand, I had to take a seat the entire ceremony, could you imagine that? I was through it all till the MC called my name to go forward getting my diploma,...that's not the end, because after all I just realized that my foot got scuffed as the result of wrong footwear....I hobbled for one week after that. Yet, whatever happened, it still be one of my beautiful moment in my life...very ordinary but so happy in the end... :)

then, after a very long day ceremony, I got to be relax...the day after, I had a very long sleep... ;)

Ok by the way, this is a little thing I wanna share with you today folks. Thanks for reading. Love & Cheers! C my up coming posts...! :)

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A Lil Break!


It's been very long days...
I've been through so many ways...
Not touching the keyboard...
Not mentioning some words...

Yea, I'm calling it ,a vacant time...
A time where,
I need a Lil break to get back my intention,
it's just about how to stand my passion...,
of writting what I want...

Sometimes we get bored,
so that's why we must go for a lil break

And now, I've come back :)
with a couple things I take...
I'll might tell you some, or even more!

Keep it up!

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Happy BithDay...G!

Wow this morning is just beautiful as yet, and when I turn on my PC then surf to Google, I see this :)

Awww...what happen with Mr.G??? Do you see any mistakes on that? I try to read its spelling for two times. Whop...there are double 'L' I see! But wait, actually nothing is getting wrong there! :)

anyways from here, I just wanna say

Happy 11th Birthday, Google!
A Ton of Gratefulness
A Ton of your information store! ;)

Keep Up! Regards!

Have a nice weekend, people!
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Hard to Forget

Yesterday I had a reunion with my old High School mates. I don't know why I always get lazzy when there's a reunion invitation comes to me. I can't imagine whom'll I meet there or how this gathering would be. But, there's a kind of impulse on the inside that encourage me to come! Hope something will go fun in those event, but yeah just like past year, it even got bored later. And this year might be my last attending on that kind of events. I know I'll (might) never see someone I'm waiting for years there ;) I try to say "goodbye" now...

"Have you ever trusted someone to say "love" then you got nothing? It's me who's feeling sad at first. But, for sure, I'm ok when I write this. :) "

Image and video hosting by TinyPic you can see what I feel right now...
but I don't wanna advance my Ego, everybody has a right for happiness,
though I myself is still trying hard to reach for my own happiness ;)

so, how to face it? just let it flow, & I'll admit it,
straight, sincerely, and obviously.
It's a beautiful process of mind maturity.


Cheers, Folks!
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Just Stand...

Keep it on...

After taking a break for a while, finally I come here again to post my thought.:)
Yeah, I've been so lazy lately since the Big Day, the family gathering day. Then, still in my laziness time I push my fingers to open my e-mail, facebook account, and of course my blog! At first, I found nothing and it made me being stuck in the sloth. Yet, I read a blog I'm following and got an enlightenment :) ! In fact, not only me who get bored in blogging somewhile, but it happened too to others. When I read the owner of the blog I'm following will delete her blog, I feel I need to shout and say, "No, don't make it!" Before you regret what you've done, please think it twice or you'll miss it for life (Am I exaggerating? sure, i don't :)! ) However, your blog is your rule, you have a right on that. :)

I'm not the only one who brokenly get bored in writing, but I'll keep my
mind away about deleting my blogs. Experiences taught me more. ;)

How to break my boredom. Let's see:

1.Take a break, and never thought how long it will be...Just let it flow till getting back the spirit.
2.Check out the web stats, if it grows in the last days, I'll come back qickly, if there's no impressive progress I'll put it again on the hiatus :)
3.Do some activities out there, a simple thing that can refresh your mind, then think to share it through your writings.
4.When I get back my spirit, I'll keep my fingers before I go blogging. First, I'll read some blogs for my reference.
5.Ok the next thing is change the template, skin, or layout! It's like reborn, and yeah it will make me seeing new atmosphere. Rearranging = Refreshing! :D
6.Improve your writing from the inside of its contents, style, and topic! More day, more writing, more experience!
7.Let's start it again!

Ok that's it for today. Keep up, people! ;) I'll enjoy this beautiful morning...

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Being on The Go!

my hustle bustle list...

A bit disgusting, I'll be snared and stuck in bustle time by today. But learning from my Mom, I should be tough to face those moments. She's super woman I can tell you, I never saw her complaints though she has to do many things all together. Tomorrow is Lebaran Day, & as years before, we will be so busy a day prior to the Big Day. Cleaning out home, do lots things, and preparing dish are MUST. Don't miss anything...! (if we don't want messy things happening tomorrow...) by the way, I believe my Mom, but the most important, don't get Mom angry, just do what she ask to do!

by the way, this week onwards is gonna be not easy for me. I'll be in a very noisy family gathering (I love them, but big no with the "noisy" itself)

Anyway, here the list I make to deal with my busyness:

    1.Cleaning up home dead, make Mom smiling, do the dishes.
    2.Be active, don't show your lazyness, no complaints,
    3.Send cards to all past and present mates.
    4.Be nice through this week (especially) to all relatives
    who come from far.
    5.Be careful with all side dish that contain fat or
    these pimples will peep out!
    6.Control your appetite, if u dont' wanna get indigestion.
    7.After "the hard" week's over, rethink to visit the doctor (dermatologist)for facial treatment. (I have to take in tow my plan to get a new hair)
    8.Get back to the campus, prepare all things before the graduation.

Damn, , suddenly I think I need to make a longer list...
Ok, it'll happen next, now I have to go doing the first thing I put
on my list above.
Just one day left, should prepare anything on the nail!
Lucky, I'm still able to update my blog! Ok guys, wish me fine so
I can finish all things at time.

See ya'll later...

"Focus is not only knowing what to do,
but it's also important to
know what you shoudn't do."
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A Girl's Dream

Today I'm back to write again. Yesterday I was so wordless, and just spent my time at home. Daydreaming in the whole day, my memories suddenly came back to few years ago, exactly when I was about fifteen, it's my secondary school age. :)

Bitter Sweet in Bali

Yeah, this is a story about my first time visiting Bali. I think you have heard about this beautiful island. And I want to share my past experience to you. Ok, I have to admit that it was not a nice moment when I got there, the place is beautiful indeed, but the bad news was I didn't enjoy too much the vacation itself, it's a secondary school middle year vac. I was shutt off from my close friends and "trapped" in one room alongside girls I didn't knew much about . What I had with them was only hubble-bubble, talking about shopping time always. So poor I am, shopping wasn't my A-List at at that moment, you could imagine how I deal with them then...but as time go by, I got to adapt with the situation though not easy for me. I just met my close friends in the break time or accidentaly in the destination vac places, that made me a bit cheerless, so that I missed a couple of beautiful moments and sights there. By this reason, I swear that next time will be better or even become the nicest moment in my life... :)

Here the lovely (missed) moments I want to meet once over again:

the Warm Sunset at Kuta Beach...

The Lovely Sunrise at Sanur Beach...

The Romantic Night View at The Swimming Pool

The Sweetest Dinner with topping of red roses around

and a nice guy who'll play sands with me &
save me from the smooth waves...

Yeah, it might happen in my honeymoon (sure that's one of best places for couples), but hey don't think it so far because till I write this post, I haven't thought sure enough yet about the honeymoon I said hoho...Just let it go with the flow, hope I'll come back there in the right time & with my beloved ones, wish it would be my perfect time ever...

yup, it's my dream folks, a girl's dream & I think you have your own dreams, right?...wish someday it would be real...

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