An Ordinary Moment

An Ordinary Moment

I guess this year I would have the sweetest October ever, but I got a bit wrong to say that. First, I had been waiting for my graduation for 5 years, and finally it comes my way!!! It's such a big thing in my life, since I passed through many stumbles and trials. Mmmm but sure, I can tell that I'm not the only person who had them before.... =) Everybody definitely has met difficult time in their life, right?! do I, that I decide to enjoy all my experiences, the bad or the good one. Yea, that's what life meant to be...

Ok, let me begin it...I just wanna say that my graduation ceremony few days ago was not that good as I supposed such as in da prior days...I had no camera left on my hand...freak...I even couldn't take any nice pictures was it goin on? You know, I also got problem with my high heels! My feet were such so unkind with my shoes! Ok, it's fine to wear high heels but I hate it as it gone wrong in the nice moment I expected....the next thing I want to talkg about is my heavy's a big No-no, but it's a must traditionally...! These make-ups seemed to put me up more pounds :P...on the other hand, I had to take a seat the entire ceremony, could you imagine that? I was through it all till the MC called my name to go forward getting my diploma,...that's not the end, because after all I just realized that my foot got scuffed as the result of wrong footwear....I hobbled for one week after that. Yet, whatever happened, it still be one of my beautiful moment in my life...very ordinary but so happy in the end... :)

then, after a very long day ceremony, I got to be relax...the day after, I had a very long sleep... ;)

Ok by the way, this is a little thing I wanna share with you today folks. Thanks for reading. Love & Cheers! C my up coming posts...! :)


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